Реферат на тему Rockhampton Essay Research Paper Rockhampton Facilities and

Rockhampton Essay, Research Paper

Rockhampton Facilities and Popular Attraction

Compared to Other Cities

Rockhamptons biggest attraction would be that it is the beef capital of Australia. {more information how it was the beef capital and when it was} Rockhampton was discovered in 1850 when gold and copper were discovered about 100 km away promoting this town’s growth as an agricultural market and port.

Good Morning

Our City Rockhampton has one of the biggest tourist attractions compared to other cities like bundaberg, Mackay, Gladstone and Townsville. Some of Rockhamptons biggest attraction is that it has a reputation of having historical buildings in front of the harbour acting as a waterfront. The Dreamtime Cultural Centre which is devoted to display aboriginal art and history, also this town boasts by having custom houses, an outstanding gardens, which shows an extended range of trees, plants and animals.

Other cities does not have as much tourist attraction as Rockhampton. Some have bigger shopping centers and larger sporting facilities but they don’t have a reputation of having outstanding houses or places to show off their natural surroundings