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Mixed Marriages Essay, Research Paper

Today, ?an increase in the number of interracial marriages in America is an encouraging sign,? experts say. But still, there will always be people who will oppose of it, and would not let it happen in their own family. Today, mixed marriages are not defined as only as marriage involving two people with different ethnic backgrounds, but also in believing in different religions. A person who came from a lower social status might have problems with the ?higher? social status family, because they might think that he or she might not be good enough to be part of the family. Even a person with a last name who has a bad reputation or enemies with the family is also a problem if one person from both sides fall in love with each other. A relationship has many obstacles no matter what race the people are, take Romeo and Juliet for example, same race yet faced with hate caused by families with differences. This has similarities to the struggle a multi racial couple faces.